A New Naming Scheme for Retrofit Requests
16 Apr 2024
The System We should divide network requests into a series of different classes/interfaces A Service A set of EndpointXYZ interfaces...
Tips and Tricks for Kotlin Notebook
11 Apr 2024
If you follow the Jetbrains blog you may have heard that there is a new plugin called Kotlin Notebook for...
Awesome online tools
10 Apr 2024
This is a collection of online tools which I use all the time     Converting unix epoch time https://www.epochconverter.com/...
Randomizing an array in Javascript
09 Apr 2024
Recently I decided to dust off my javascript skills and get to work relearning web development fundamentals. There’s a lot...
Using the Firefox cache to download images in bulk
08 Jun 2022
I recently bought a house! The layout is unconventional, so I wanted to keep a copy of the images in...
Where should your web app images be hosted?
05 Jun 2022
You’ve done it - you’ve finalized the architecture for your content focused app, and are about to start including real...
Setting up a Minecraft blog via 11ty
05 Jun 2022
My brothers and I have a Minecraft server on Realms, and we play on it about once a week. Now...
How to create a semantic color system on Android
01 Jun 2022
Semantic colors provide a way to organize a color system, so that any color references are given by intention instead...
How to publish content online via Google Docs
29 May 2022
Part of a series on publishing content online. Getting Started Publishing via Google Docs is probably the most approachable way...
The easiest ways to publish content online
26 May 2022
This article will be updated as more child articles are written. Getting the word out there Creating content takes a...
Beagan Calendar
15 Mar 2022
Demo You can view the final project here. Note that the css transitions are only tested on Chrome at the...
Tachyons CSS
What to Expect When Entering the Field of Software Engineering
13 Mar 2022
Software engineering covers a wide range of disciplines. This document provides some insight into what you might expect when you...
Software Engineering
Common issues with Android Performance
01 Nov 2021
Common issues with Android performance Performance is a topic which is usually saved until the last minute, or treated as...
Software Engineering
Best Practice
Versioning Systems
24 Sep 2021
All software engineering projects require a versioning strategy. Versioning allows us to reason about the relative stability of a build,...
Software engineering
ShaderToy Demos
27 Jul 2021
I recently discovered GLSL (OpenGL’s Shader Language), and had some fun with trying it out on ShaderToy. Shaders are small...
Kotlin tools - Union Types
14 Jul 2021
You can run the gist for this article here Union Types are a common language feature that stems from systems...
Software Engineering
Kotlin tools - Currying
12 Jul 2021
Currying a function allows us to reduce the number of parameters that a function requires. We can do this by...
Software Engineering
Paying Off Your Tech Debts
06 Jul 2021
How do we measure tech debt and ensure that it is prioritized? It’s a common occurance across the industry -...
Software Engineering
Bringing Flutter's Bloc Architecture to Kotlin
15 Jan 2021
See the github repo for this project here The Bloc architecture is a relatively new architecture initially created for Flutter...
Trudging through designing a MUD engine
15 Jan 2021
See the code for this project here B20Server is multiplayer game server as an engine. It is a ktor server...
Functional Programming with Kotlin
28 Nov 2017
Functional programming paradigms can reduce the complexity and risk of new code. It contrasts with Object oriented programming, but before...
Software Engineering
Best Practice
Kotlin Coroutines
12 Jul 2017
Coroutines are experimental in kotlin 1.1+ This means that they are currently stable, but the syntax for them might change....
Software Engineering
Best Practice
Migrating Dagger from Java to Kotlin
12 Jul 2017
Kotlin is a wonderful language that lets us increase the safety of existing Java codebases. You may find yourself in...
Software Engineering
Best Practice
/r/DailyProgrammer Solutions
07 Jun 2017
DailyProgrammingChallenge These are the solutions for the daily programmer questions on Reddit (Spoiler alert!) You can view the most recent...
01 Jun 2017
See the code for this project here fn main = {| echo hello world; } do main Squibbish was one...
Debugging in 4 Steps
12 Nov 2016
Most developers start out learning a simple hello world program in their given language. As they progress, their code gets...
Software Engineering
Best Practice
01 Jun 2014
See the code for this project here GrappleGame is a 2d game engine that I wrote in 2014. It allows...
Game engine